Our Goal

Full list of cities we’ve stayed in:

1. Chattanooga, TN
2. Bowling Green, KY
3. Zionsville, IN
4. Sawyer, MI
5. Chicago, IL
6. St. Louis, MO
7. Effingham, IL
8. Indianapolis, IN
9. New York City, NY
10. Oslo, Norway
11. Stavanger, Norway
12. Andorra la Vella, Andorra
13. Tavertet, Spain
14. Nimes, France
15. Genoa, Italy
16. Monterosso Al Mare, Italy
17. Venice, Italy
18. Labin, Croatia
19. Makarska, Croatia
20. Dubrovnik, Croatia
21. Burghausen, Germany
22. Bad Mitterndorf, Austria
23. Prague, Czech Republic
24. Mechelen, Belgium
25. London, UK
26. Lechlade, UK
27. Dublin, Ireland
28. Castletownshend, Ireland
29. Galway, Ireland
30. Paris, France
31. Barcelona, Spain
32. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
33. Wonchi (Crater Lake), Ethiopia
34. Johannesburg, South Africa
35. Kruger National Park, South Africa
36. Bangkok, Thailand
37. Ko Samui, Thailand
38. Hua Hin, Thailand
39. Siem Reap, Cambodia




What We’re Doing

We’re attempting to travel around the world and volunteer 100 times. Some projects will be big, some will be small. We aren’t sure how long we will be gone. We know we will spend time in several European countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South America. Connections to local communities are helping us define the journey as we go.

Why We’re Doing It

The 100 ways to change the world concept is really about 100 ways to change ourselves. We want to see the world through another perspective and find ways to help our own country by learning about what’s working in other nations. Our girls are the right age for this experience and homeschooling them in elementary grades is something we think we can handle. It’s time to do this. Through service we will create connections to local communities, learn things we could never learn at home, and develop a better understanding for the challenges and opportunities our global society faces.