About Us

Who We Are

We’re a typical American family that woke up one day and decided to do something different. We aren’t rich. We aren’t crazy – at least we don’t think so. We’ve simply decided to take advantage of a flexible work schedule and go nomadic for a while. This leap into the unknown will help us find answers to important questions about the world.

Tracey – Mom, writer, connector, project manager, positive thinker, big picture lover, and amateur counselor to friends
Brian – Dad, athlete, software engineer, skier, rock climber, little girl transport service, and fixer of things big and small
Emily – 10-year-old soccer player, social butterfly, future author, loud giggler, craft maker, and asker of unanswerable questions
Liv – 7-year-old artist, voracious reader, tree climber, designer, night owl, morning hater, and sayer of funny things
Alison – 5-year-old stuffed animal collector, chore helper, almost reader, imagination maker, insect lover, and leader of little friends